Bay Area Hiker: Annadel State Park

Choose from two Annadel State Park trailheads and hikes

Meadow and oakHike 1: Up to Lake Ilsanjo and back

This 6.2 mile hike climbs through a forest, loops around a meadow, skirts the shore of Lake Ilsanjo, then returns through woods to the trailhead. Although Annadel is a busy park, heavily used by equestrians and cyclists as well as local walkers and runners, it's worth putting up with the crowds.

High points:
Gorgeous flowers in spring, and good wildlife viewing year round.

Low points:
Lots of bike traffic.

Black oak leaves in autumnHike 2: Lost among the Cobblestones

In October 2000 I wandered around the Cobblestone area of the park, which at the time wasn't well signed. I haven't tried the hike again since, but here's the record of my experiences.

High points:
Pretty in spring, for flowers, and autumn, for black oak foliage.

Low points:
I'm not giving you much to work with here -- I got lost on this hike, so you're perhaps best advised to look at the photos and explore if you like, or try the first hike (above).

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