Bay Area Hiker: Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge

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0.0: Start on a paved trail toward the Visitor Center. After a few steps a gravel path veers off to the right, marked by a restrooms sign. Turn right. The path soon ends at a paved road and signed junction. Cross the road and go straight, following a sign for the Learning Center.
0.1: Junction just before an interpretive display. Turn right, toward Tidelands Trail and Pavilion.
0.2: Boardwalk ends at a signed T junction. Turn right.
4.3: Junction. Newark Slough Loop Trail heads left, while a dirt road veers right. Stay to the left.
5.0: Signed junction near a picnic table. Turn right onto Tidelands Trail.
5.2: Interpretive display and junction. Stay to the right on Tidelands Trail.
5.4: A spur trail heads right from a signed junction. Stay to the left on Tidelands Trail.
5.4: Harrier Trail slips off to the right. Continue straight on Tidelands Trail.
5.6: Trails depart to the left and right, but continue straight a few steps further, to the hilltop. Take a short flight of steps uphill on the left.
5.7: Lookout and the refuge's highest elevation. When you're ready go back down the stairs, then turn left.
5.7: Stay to the right as another trail feeds in from the left.
5.8: Visitor Center.
5.9: Junction. Turn right and retrace your steps back to the trailhead.
5.9: Back at the parking lot.

Getting there:
From CA 84 in Alameda County, exit Paseo Padre Parkway/Thornton Avenue (this is exit 36, the first exit after the toll plaza, traveling east). Drive south on Thornton about 0.8 mile, then turn right into the refuge. Continue about 0.5 mile, and turn left into the parking lot at the end of the road.

GPS Coordinates* for Trailhead:
Latitude 3731'55.39"N
122 4'22.99"W
(* based on Google Earth data, shown as degrees, minutes, seconds)

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