Bay Area Hiker: Pleasanton Ridge Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

Featured hike
0.0: For the featured hike, start uphill on Oak Tree Trail.
0.2: Woodland Trail sets out from a signed junction at a curve in the trail. Turn left onto this path, open to hikers and equestrians only.
0.5: Woodland splits into two evenly worn trails. Stay to the right, as the park district is attempting to restore the meadow.
1.0: Junction with Oak Tree Trail. Continue straight through the cow gate to a large well-worn junction. Head straight, and then rightish, onto Ridgeline Trail.
1.2: Junction. Bear left onto the spur trail to Olive Grove Trail.
1.3: Olive Grove Trail enters from the left at a signed junction. Continue straight.
1.4: Olive Grove Trail breaks off to the right. Continue straight.
1.6: The trail joins Thermalito Trail. Stay to the left as a side trail breaks off on the right side
2.3: A spur trail climbs to meet Ridgeline. Continue straight/left on Thermalito.
2.6: A spur trail to Ridgeline veers right at a signed junction. Turn right and head uphill.
2.8: Crest and junction with Ridgeline Trail. Turn left.
3.0: Second hilltop, and turnaround point. Return to the previous junction, then continue straight on Ridgeline.
3.9: A spur to Olive Grove Trail breaks off to the right at a signed junction. Continue downhill on Ridgeline.
4.4: Junction, again. Continue on Ridgeline and retrace your steps back to the junction of Oak Tree and Woodland Trails.
4.6: Junction, again. Descend, to the left, on Oak Tree Trail.
5.2: Dead-end Sycamore Grove Trail sets out on the left side of the trail. Continue straight on Oak Tree.
5.6: Previously encountered junction with Woodland Trail. Retrace your steps on Oak Tree Trail back to the trailhead.
5.8: Back at the parking lot.

Getting there:
From I 680 in Alameda County, exit Sunol Boulevard/Castlewood Drive (exit 25). Head west on Castlewood Drive and where the road splits stay to the right on Castlewood (it feels like you're turning off the main road). At the stop sign, turn left onto Foothill Road and drive about 1.6 miles to the trailhead on the right side of the road.

GPS Coordinates* for Trailhead:
Latitude 3736'52.83"N
(* based on Google Earth data, shown as degrees, minutes, seconds)

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