Bay Area Hiker: Rush Ranch Open Space Preserve Rush Ranch Open Space Preserve

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0.0: Start in the broad bare area between the barn and visitor center. South Pasture Trail begins at a gap in a white fenceline -- there is no trail sign, but look for a series of "no bikes/smoking/hunting/dogs" symbols on the fence. Bear right when the trail splits.
0.3: Junction. Continue straight.
0.4: Little hilltop and junction. Turn right.
0.4: Bear right.
0.5: Indian grinding stone. Return to junction at hilltop.
0.6: Turn right, continuing on South Pasture Trail.
1.4: Junction. Bear left, still on South Pasture Trail, although the trail is narrow here.
1.6: Fence and junction with Spring Branch Trail. Squeeze through (or climb over) the pass-through in the fence, then continue straight on South Pasture Trail.
2.1: Back at the "boneyard." Bear right and return to the trailhead.
2.2: Back at the trailhead.

Getting there:
From I-80 in Solano County, exit CA 12 east (exit 43). Drive about 4 miles east on CA 12, then turn right onto Grizzly Island Road. Drive about 2.5 miles south on Grizzly Island Road, then turn right into the preserve.

GPS Coordinates* for Trailhead:
Latitude 3812'31.74"N
122 1'31.98"W
(* based on Google Earth data, shown as degrees, minutes, seconds)

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