Bay Area Hiker: Photos from Rancho San Antonio
Photos from a December 2000 Hike at Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve
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Photo of trailhead
Photo of start of trails
Start of trail
Photo of bridge
Crossing a creek
Photo of junction
Photo of meadow at Rancho San Antonio
Grassy meadow
Photo of trail through meadow
Hiking-only trail
     Photo of huge bay tree
     Huge California bay
Photo of trails past tennis courts
Skirting the tennis courts
Photo of border between county park and open space preserve
The border between the county park and open space preserve
Photo of entrance to open space preserve
Entering the open space preserve
Photo of Lower Meadow Trail
Hiking only path adjacent to paved trail/road
Photo of junction with paved trail/road
Approaching a junction with the paved road/trail
Photo of by-permit parking area
Lower Meadow Trail skirts the by-permit parking area
Photo of the resumption of the trail
Picking up the trail again
Photo of bridge
Bridge crosses a creek
Photo of Lower Meadow Trail
Eucalyptus, willow, and oak can be found along the trail
Trail runs parallel to road
For a short stretch, the trail runs along the road
Photo of the approach to the junction
Approaching a junction
Photo of the two trail options; left on the pavement, or right on the dirt
You can stay to the right and continue on the dirt, or take the left paved road
Photo of Lower Meadow Trail
After a few dips, the trail prepares to end for good, just before the farm
Photo of a junction
Lower Meadow Trail dumps into the paved road
Photo of Deer Hollow Farm
Deer Hollow Farm
Photo of old farm building at Deer Hollow Farm
Some of the old farm buildings
Photo of pomegranites
Pomegranate trees
     Photo of persimmons
     Persimmon tree
Photo of one of the farm's residents, a goat
Goats, sheep, cows, and pigs live at the farm
Photo of the garden and educational barn
Farm's garden, with the educational barn in the background
Photo of the approach to a junction
Just past the barn, you pass through a gate and reach a junction
Photo of trail west of Deer Hollow Farm
Trail west of Deer Hollow Farm
     Photo of maple tree
Photo of the approach to a junction
Approaching junction
Photo of High Meadow Trail
Heading uphill on High Meadow Trail
     Photo of silktassel
Photo of sagebrush
Photo of blue oak
Blue oak
     Photo of coast live oak
     Coast live oak
Photo of High Meadow Trail
Trail switchbacks uphill
Photo of oak and grassland
A grassy area, populated with oaks
Photo of bench under coast live oak
Bench under coast live oaks
Photo of oak leaves
Looking up, through the oak leaves
Photo of trail, protected by fences
Trail is protected by fences
Photo of grassy knoll
Grassy knoll
Photo of cercocarpus
Cercocarpus, or mountain mahogany
Photo of contrast between grassy knoll and the slopes of Black Mountain
Contrast between grassy foothills, and Black Mountain
Photo of High Meadow Trail
Trail edges under oaks
     Photo of toyon
Photo of trail about to reach a crest
High Meadow Trail nears a crest
Photo of an approach to a junction
Approaching a junction
Photo of path to belvedere
Path to viewpoint
Photo of view
Photo back down to junction
Looking back down to junction
Photo of trail through woods
Trail climbs easily through a typical east-facing mountain slope
Photo of junction
Passing from the east to the west side of the ridge, the change in plant communities is dramatic
Photo of trail through chaparral
Through chaparral
Photo of junction
Photo of view northwest
View to the northwest
Photo of junction
     Photo of animal prints
     Animal prints
     Photo of coyote print
     Coyote print
Photo of Upper High Meadow Trail
Upper Wildcat Canyon Trail
     Photo of scat
     Photo of large scat
Photo of madrone
     Photo of trail descending into canyon
Descending into the canyon
Photo of an oak
An oak
Photo of trail as it reaches canyon floor
Reaching the canyon floor
Photo of trail under California bays
Passing beneath California bays
Photo of Upper Wildcat Trail
Winding through a cool canyon
Photo of a creek crossing
One of many creek crossings
Photo of junction with Wildcat Loop Trail
Junction with Wildcat Loop Trail
Photo of trail
A particularly lovely stretch of trail
Photo of junction
Junction; this is what happens when the camera flash breaks
Photo of Wildcat Canyon Trail
A more narrow, hiking only trail
Photo of trail through damp woods
Damp woods under California bays
Photo of creek crossing
Another lovely bridge
Photo of Wildcat Creek Trail
Moss covered tree trunks
Photo of junction
Photo of deer at farm
Deer appropriately encountered at Deer Hollow Farm

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