Bay Area Hiker: Big Basin State Park Choose from 2 Big Basin Redwood State Park Hikes

Skyline to the Sea TrailHike 1: Waterfall Loop
Nestled in California's oldest state park, this popular 11 mile loop hike begins at the Big Basin park headquarters, and follows undulating Sunset Trail downhill through forested canyons to a series of three dramatic waterfalls. The return leg, a segment of Skyline to the Sea Trail, rises along murmuring creeks back to the trailhead.

High points:
This hike is a Bay Area classic, particularly for folks who love redwoods and waterfalls.

Low points:
This hike is a Bay Area classic, particularly for folks from all over the world who have never before seen a redwood -- expect lots of company on the trails in the summer.

Buzzard's RoostHike 3: Buzzard's Roost
In this 5 mile out-and-back hike, you'll start under the redwoods at park headquarters and climb through chaparral and pine to the odd rock formations at Buzzard's Roost.

High points: The hike is an easy journey through a mixture of bay area vegetation. The rock formations at Buzzard's Roost are totally unique, and the views are tremendous.

Low points: You'll weave through the masses at park headquarters, but in just a few minutes you'll leave most of the tourists behind.

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